Stormwind Shop Basic Stock

To aid with healing and/or pain, amount depends on size of vial.

To aid with those who use magic, gets some energy back to keep you fighting fit for longer. price depends on size.

To give general energy to those who need/want it!

Caution can cause those who take it to not sleep and also not be able to sit still. To be taken with caution.

Used for those who have an illness or need a slowly released version of the energy.


Caution only use as advised as can cause worse pain if taken too much, also addictive if taken for llonger than advised.

Poisons are to be only used for hunting and/or pest control, please speak to an alchemist upon what you will require.

Caution these poisons can and will cause illness or death! Use at own risk and always pay attention to the guides given to you by your alchemist.

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