The Silent Elixir Syndicate is a clandestine guild of alchemists, assassins, thieves, and spies. Operating in the shadows, they utilize their alchemical expertise to conceal their true identity and execute their deadly operations with precision. With their mastery of poisons, stealth, and information gathering, they navigate the underbelly of society, eliminating targets, acquiring valuable treasures, and extracting secrets from rival factions. Led by the Whisperlord, their alchemical elixirs unveil secrets while their shadows bring silence, ensuring their reign as the unseen masters of subterfuge.

The Shop

The Silent Elixir shop, is located in the Mage Quarter at Ancient Curios, it will sell all things alchemy based, from health potions to those that give you the ability to breath fire!(Silent Elixirs is at no one liable for those who injure themselves with potions, side effects may occur, please read all labels carefully.)

The shop is open to all with set opening times but can be requested to be present in game or discord, a whisper is all it takes. Our current opening times are below:
Wed: 22:00-00:00
Thu: 22:00-00:00


Is the Silent Elixirs Hirable?

Yes! However if you wish to hire us for a job and it involves killing off another players character we must have approval from all parties involved. We are all here to have fun, we are not here to cause problems for players. We are however open to helping characters with stories, being the shady assassins/thieves/spies for your character to use.

Is the Silent Elixirs recuiting?

We are! Recuitment depends on the character that wants to join, it could be something simple or it could be something different, message and it can be discussed.

How are events run in the Silent Elixirs?

Since we do merc work/shop work/rogue work, we will have varied events for people to come too, from killing a single target, stealing a jewel, spying/scouting or all the way to just guarding something, who knows we may even do good things from time to time.(We do)

What are the Silent Elixirs looking for?

We are looking for all kinds of players, those who are happy to be a grey character are the best suited to our guild and of course those with the skills that we require. We are also looking for spies from other guilds, this will only be to trade info IC and ofc will not be used for any OOC uses but if your character needs some extra coin perhaps this could be the answer.